This one has a reptilian coloured top, and has been appropriately dubbed The Viper. It’s very light and sleek with a great range of tones. Think of it as the look and feel of a superstrat, but with a wraparound bridge instead of a tremolo. Check out the playlist of the build process here.

Body: Rimu (recycled with nail holes)
Top: Elm
Neck: Rimu and Tawa
Fretboard: Rosewood, 24.75″ scale, 24 EVO gold steel frets
Bridge: Wilkinson wraparound
Tuners: Wilkinson (non-locking)
Pickups: Kent Armstrong dual blades (neck), Alan Entwistle HDN humbucker (bridge), both splittable with push/pull volume knob.
Finish: Tru-oil (body), Danish oil (neck), polyurethane (headstock front and back)