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The Viper

This one has a reptilian coloured top, and has been appropriately dubbed The Viper. It’s very light and sleek with a great range of tones. Think of it as the look and feel of a superstrat, but with a wraparound bridge instead of a tremolo. Check out the playlist of the build process here. Body:…

Something Stratty

This was my first strat-style guitar, and my first with a tremolo. I love the way it turned out. I haven’t shown the front of the headstock up close because… long story short, it was a customer order featuring the customer’s nickname and signature on the headstock, and he ghosted me without buying it. Awkward….

The Blackwood Telly

I called this one a “Telly” because it draws some inspiration from the Fender Telecaster in the similar body shape, but that’s where the similarity ends. With its 24.75 inch scale, 3 tuners per side headstock, and its dual humbuckers, this thing is a curious mix. With sweet, clean tones, spanky strat sounds and the…