This is the first guitar I ever sold at Monster Guitars. The Flame is the name of a guitar body shape I designed. I originally called a slightly different model the Flame, but I redesigned it to look like this, slightly enlarging the body and also adding a horn on the bottom, which made it more comfortable to play sitting down.

This is a version of the Flame made out of what many would consider “junk” timber, perhaps firewood. It was rough looking beam of a beautiful New Zealand timber called tōtara, part of the frame of an old shed that had been torn down. The outside pieces of the body were made from recycled rimu, as was the neck. Most (although not all) of the wood I use in guitars is recycled, but I really love the way this one looks recycled. Here’s the video playlist of how I made it.

This one featured a 25.5 inch scale, 24 frets, and a single Fender Atomic Humbucker.