The Pall is my guitar design based on a coffin. It’s basically for death metal. ☠ But as the man who bought this guitar shows us, you can play whatever you like on it! This is called the Pall 2.0 because it’s the second one I built.

This is all recycled wood. The core and back are rimu, from an old wardrobe and a set of drawers, and the top – somewhat resembling a cheeseboard! – are made from strips of rimu sapwood, light in colour (originally from floorboards), and rosewood. The neck is rimu, and there’s a 25.5 inch scale with 24 stainless steel frets.

There were some different things going on electronically with this one. The single pickup was a Warman Dominator, a humbucker with four rails and an impressive output. There were three knobs: A standard volume and tone, and a spin-a-split, which essentially turns down the output of one of the coils in the pickup. This enables you to use both coils like a humbucker, or a single coil, or anything in between.

Here’s how I did it. And the buyer shared a video of him playing it! He’s a grave digger by trade, and added a bunch of his own graveyard bling to his new guitar!